A New Brand

“The spirit of Jesus penetrates social boxes. Barricades of suspicion, mistrust, stigma, and hate crumble in his presence. He also invites us to see human beings behind the labels of stigma. His kingdom transcends all boundaries. He welcomes people from all boxes. God’s love overpowers the social customs which divide, separate, and isolate. All are invited to the table in the new kingdom. None are pushed aside or excluded. Jesus’ broad welcome lies at the heart of the gospel. Reconciliation forms its core. This good news melts spiritual barriers between humans and God and dismantles walls between people. The agape of Jesus reaches out to boxed up people, tells them of God’s love washes away their stigma, and welcomes them into a new community.”[1]

God’s love welcomes all people. His love goes beyond the perimeters we create. There is a beautiful world around us. We can become trapped inside our own thinking, refusing to see the rest of the world. There is a lot we can learn when we look beyond the perimeters that hold us back. We can look to the past, present, and dream for the future. We can look to the community around us and the continents beyond us.

This blog is focused on three ideas: history, leadership, and missiology. Throughout the years, I have resonated with each of these themes and believe the study of these topics can help us better carry out the mission of Jesus. In the past, the blog was called Jesus at the Center | History on the Side. I decided that I needed to broaden my research to include more than just historical ideas. While Jesus at the Center was a great title, I wanted a title that was more distinct, leading me to come up with Beyond Perimeters.

[1] Donald B. Kraybill, Upside-down Kingdom (Herald Press, 2003), 212.

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